Yining Jiao 焦伊宁

Ph.D Candidate

Department of Computer Science,
College of Arts and Sciences,
UNC-Chapel Hill,
North Carolina, USA.

Email: jyn@cs.unc.edu
Office: SN204, 232 S Columbia St, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.


I am a 4th-year PhD student at UNC-BIAG Lab, advised by Prof. Marc Niethammer. Previously, I received my M.Sc. degree from School of Biomedical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in 2020, under the supervison of Prof. Qian Wang in the Medical Imaging Computing Lab. Before that, I received my B.Eng. degree from Honors College at Northwestern Polytechnical University in 2017.

I’m dedicated to developing interpretable and trustworthy AI algorithms for science and medicine.
Specifically, I work on geometry processing, shape modeling, machine learning, and medical image analysis.
Generally, I enjoy figuring out elegant solutions for challenging problems.
I collaborate closely with medical school and physics department.

Selected Publications

NAISR: A 3D Neural Additive Model for Interpretable Shape Representation
Yining Jiao, Carlton Zdanski, Julia Kimbell, Andrew Prince, Cameron Worden, Samuel Kirse, Christopher Rutter, Benjamin Shields, William Dunn, Jisan Mahmud, Marc Niethammer
ICLR 2024. Spotlight, top 5%.


cuRadiomics: A GPU-Based Radiomics Feature Extraction Toolkit
Yining Jiao, Oihane Mayo Ijurra, Lichi Zhang, Dinggang Shen, and Qian Wang
MICCAI Workshop on Radiomics and Radiogenomics in Neuro-oncology using AI. Oral, top 10 of submissions.


iSegFormer: Interactive Segmentation via Transformers with Application to 3D Knee MR Images
Qin Liu, Zhenlin Xu and Yining Jiao and Marc Niethammer
MICCAI 2022.


Intracluster Structured Low-Rank Matrix Analysis Method for Hyperspectral Denoising
Wei Wei, Lei Zhang, Yining Jiao, Chunna Tian, Cong Wang, Yanning Zhang
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing



Honors & Awards

ICML Workshop on Computational Biology Fellowship, 2021.
Outstanding Graduate of Shanghai (only 4 from department), 2020.
SJTU Excellent Graduate Student Award (only 2 from department), 2019.
Excellent Undergraduate Thesis in NWPU, 2017.


Academic Services

Conference Reviews: ICCV 2021, CVPR 2022, ICCV 2023.
Journal Reviews: IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, Neural Networks.


In my free time, I enjoy writing poems and learning philosophy. I was invited to Chinese Poetry New Discovery Poetry Camp in 2018 as one of the twelve selected campers and some of my works were published in Poetry Periodical, Chinese Poetry, etc. My favourite philosophers are Hegel and Slavoj Zizek.

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